Last accepted papers

LAAR 2024 

To appear in Vol 54(3)

J.D. Cano-Moreno, J.M. Arenas Reina, M.E. Islan Marcos, R. D'amato, F. Blaya Haro
The vertical stiffness of e-scooter tires

M. Guldane
Optimizing foaming properties and foam mat drying process of cranberry pulp: RSM and TOPSIS approach

Utpal Jyoti Das, Nayan Mani Majumdar
An analytical approach to magnetohydrodynamic flow on an inclined channel with induced magnetic field and heat radiation

T.K. Das, A. Paul
Comparative flow and thermal transfer aspects of Casson-Williamson Hybrid Nanofluid

O. Barel, G. Yildiz
The effect of ultrasound pre-treatment on the color, antioxidant capaci-ty and total phenolic content of freeze-dried banana slices

A. Yahia Cherif, M. Boudouaya, L. Ghellai
Dilute acetic acid marketed as vinegar substitute, and Algerian apple homemade vinegar: Assessment of physicochemical properties, bioactive compounds, and biological activity

D. Borgohain
Computational analysis of nonlinearized thermal radiation & lorentz force on unsteady flow of non-newtonian fluid in porous medium

B., Urkek, Y. Tunkturk
Effects of homogenization and packing material on chemical, biochemical and microbiological properties of Kashar cheese

F.D. Troncoso, T.M. Ribeiro Costa, G.M. Tonetto
Novel monolithic catalysts for the hydrotreating of oleic acid

F.A. Otero, B. Bietti Manago, K. Ghlam, G. L. Frontini, G.E. Elicabe
An information-theoretic filter single-step sequential Monte Carlo method in practice: An experimental case study for the particle size distribution estimation

M. Yuceer, E. Goz, E. Tosun
A software for parameter estimation in thin?layer drying models

A. M. Laureano Da Silva, F. Franzoni, G.C. Brito Jr
Vibration correlation technique: methodology applied to buckling of large-scale sandwich cylindrical shell

L. Valliammal, K. Sathiyasekar
An enhanced brain tumor segmentation using an improved 3D U-Net topology: solution to BraTS 2020 challenge

S. Orellano, R. A. Kraft, N. H. Rodriguez, N. J. Scenna
Large pool fires in the process industry. A simple model for safety distances estimation

M. Torki, H. Mozaffari, H. Safarinia
Forecasting short-time load demand by non-linear autoregressive with external inputs

To appear in Vol 54(3) - without page number yet

G. Lakshmi Devi, H. Niranjan
Stagnation point flow of a nanofluid over a stretching sheet in the presence of a melting point and a chemical reaction

F.B. Torres, J.P. Gutierrez, L. R. Ale, M.A. Bertuzzi, E. Erdmann
Carbon dioxide capture by using hybrid system. Parametric sensitivity analysis and environmental and energy evaluation

P. Meenakshi Sundaram, R. Shivakumar, T.S. Saravanan, B. Karthikeyand
Power quality enhancement using GWO optimized ANFIS controller based STATCOM in MG

H. Tutar
Comprehensive characterization of sorghum sudan grass hybrid plant varieties

To appear in Vol 54(4)

B. Mandar Maruti, K. Swanad G.
Critical review on effective utilization of 5R technique in life cycle management of lithium ion battery

Ö. Sari
The effect of pinching and leaf defoliation on plant root architecture and bulb characteristics in lilium

A. Paul, N. Sarma, B. Patgiri
MHD Al2O3/Cu-water Casson hybrid nanofluid flow across a porous exponentially stretching sheet

U.J. Das, J. Begum
MHD flow of chemically reacting Casson fluid through a moving plate in non-Darcian porous medium with second-order slip velocity

G. Yildiz
The efficacy of power ultrasound treatment in preserving quality of fresh-cut cucumbers

B. Kayisoglu, F. Tasci Durgut, M. R. Durgut, I.S. Dalmis
Biochemical methane potentials in co-digestion of whey, macroalgae and cattle sludge at different mixture rates

Y.S. Lee, K.M. Kim
Formulation optimization study of ticagrelor tablet based on gastro-retentive drug delivery system using full factorial design

U. J. Das, N.M. Majumdar
Magnetohydrodynamic flow of Casson fluid on an inclined permeable moving plate with viscous dissipation, thermal radiation, joule heating and Soret effect

B. Tzudir, T. Jamir, H. Konwar
Soret and Dufour effects on MHD mixed convective unsteady flow over stretching sheet with variable fluid properties and convective boundary condition

J.C.F. Lima, S. Mattedi, L.M.N.Góis
Fluodynamics of a column filled with glass rings using the air-water system

L.Z.S. Souza, L.R.P. De Andrade Lima
Risk assessment for soil contamination from artisanal lead-glazed pottery production in Maragogipinho, Bahia, Brazil

M. Yavruturk, P. Celik, H. Kazanci, R. Demiragac, G. Yildiz
Potential uses of dried apricot pulp in obtaining functional products