Copyright release form


As per law regulations, the corresponding author should complete and sign a copyright release form on behalf of all co-authors of the article before it can be published in Latin American Applied Research. 

The form will be available to authors as soon as the article gets assigned to the Editor-in-chief. Please complete and sign the form and upload a scanned file using the messaging system online. The article will not go through review without submission of this form. Alternatively, authors can download the form beforehand (here) and submit it at the same time as the article.

We will be soon incorporating an automatic plagiarism control software. In the meanwhile, authors should be aware that they are responsible for the plagiarism check of their manuscript (using Turnitin® or similar) and including the plagiarism report during the manuscript uploading (as "other" document) is strongly advised.  

For authors of papers already published in Latin American Applied Research, it is assumed that they submitted the form because they have accepted the submission requirements before proceeding to upload the manuscript. 

Latin American Applied Research and Editorial de la Universidad Nacional del Sur (EdiUNS) are in no way liable for any lawsuit derived from plagiarism, as it is author´s responsibility to submit original work. However, the journal is in full right of rejecting manuscripts if detecting plagiarism of any sort.